CLEVER°FRANKE and Ai Applied are proud to present their joint effort in the form of TrendViz. With our combined skills we are confident we can delivery many more exciting applications of Big Data and Data Visualization and wish to be part of that process.


We’ve entered the era of Big Data. Through better analysis of the high volumes of data that are becoming available, there’s potential for making faster advances in many disciplines and improving the profitability and success of many organisations


As a pioneering step TrendViz takes the previously difficult and time-consuming task of tracking topics of interest for your organisation and makes this data automatically available in a Visualization-based data discovery tool


At CLEVER°FRANKE and Ai Applied we’re passionate about the possibilities when Big Data analysis tools and visualization comes together. We want to keep improving and innovating, delivering more and better products.



CLEVER°FRANKE is an interactive design agency focused on information and data visualization. Inspired by our clients brand values, we create innovative design and technology solutions for complex problems.

Ai Applied

Leverage the power of thinking technology. Ai Applied provides technologies and services which help you obtain valuable insights from your texts, social media, web and other data.